Kevin: So, do you usually come to the gym in the morning?
Allie: Yes, I do. I usually come here at 10:00.
Kevin: Really? What time do you go to work?
Allie: Oh, I work in the afternoon. I start work at five.
Kevin: Wow, that's late. When do you get home at night?
Allie: I usually get home at midnight.
Kevin: Midnight? That's late. What do you do, exactly?
Allie: I'm a chef. I work at thee Pink Elephant.
Kevin: That's my favorite restaurant! By the way, I'm Kevin.

Time Expressions

  • I get up at 6:00 in the morning on weekdays.
  • I go to bed around ten in the evening on weeknights.
  • I leave work early in the afternoon on weekends.
  • I get home late at night on Fridays.
  • I stay up until midnight on Saturdays.
  • I exercise before noon on Saturdays.
  • I wake up after noon on Sundays.